(Editors note: I received this photo from my aunt Lola. The handwritten word “Mother” with the arrow is pointing to Lola. Her children had obviously written that. I could not erase the word Mother or the arrow.) At this time of year when families gather together to celebrate, this photo is a testament to those […]

Long before blogging existed, my daughter’s 5th grade teacher assigned a project for her students to “discover your roots”. It was the origin of my interest in genealogy. But back then I had nothing to help with the project, so I called my mother. She had told me many stories, but we needed “proof” and […]

It’s time to introduce the source of ┬ámy inspiration for this blog post, Mary Pearl Harrison and William Jasper Kelly, my maternal grandparents. Mary Pearl, called Pearl by everyone except her children who called her Mama or her grandchildren who called her Mama Kelly, was born on December 27, 1877 in Sumner County, Tennessee. William […]

A Family Portrait in 1915 Rummaging around in old photos and memorabilia , I came to realize that this was a ┬átreasure worth sharing. To keep it hidden in boxes and envelopes, to be brought out and rummaged through occasionally, seemed a shame. So I begin a blog post with the hopes of bringing this […]